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Privacy Policy

Use of collected information: Every time you visit our website gather some data that can be private for you or may not have any private values for you at all. In this private information we can collect your name, address, contact details etc that we get from you via forms in non private information we can have other details such ISP name, IP address or browser details. We and our sister firms can use this information for our business growth and services enhancement so we can provide your better service in effective manner.

Protection of information: We collect the data, but we take responsibility of its protection as well. In order to protect your data we store it in secured servers with very limited access to people. We also assure that we will not sell this data to anyone for money or other similar benefits.

Sharing of information: In case of any criminal activity, fraud or to prevent any crime we may need to share a part of the collected data or all the data to law enforcement agencies or investigation agencies. However, before giving the information to them, we make sure that information is going in right hands so it does not affect our prestigious customers.

Cookie policy: Cookie is one of the most important elements of any modern day website and we also use cookies with our website for increased performance and various functionalities. If you don’t know what a cookie is, it is a small data file that holds some information and our website copy it in your computers temporary internet folder so it can do the assigned work.

Changes to this policy: We might need to update our privacy policy as per the situation or specific requirement. So if we find the need of changes in this privacy policy, we will certainly do that with no prior notice or approval to any group or individual.

Agreement to terms: You read the terms and now we hope you do not have any problem with it. If you have any complaint or disagreement, close the website and contact us for that. You continuous use of our website will be an agreement with our privacy policy and you will have no right to complain against our policy.